Discovering a new way of sharing information

In todays techonological societies, social media it’s not only use as promotion tool, but also as an information source.In this blog post I’m going to make a review taking as principal objective the tool, for this, I’m going to make some testing above to explain in a more detailed way its commitment and its principal uses, characteristics, experiences and results.

Scoop it is a new way of assembling information to show it and to share it of a visually attractive form in Internet.This tool is specially use for content curation, content curation is:

  The process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. Curation services can be used by businesses as well as end users.” Wikipedia.


curaciónProcess of content curation: Information sources -> Filter-> Lecture-> Sharing

It will extract and turn out to be the content published directly in our topic. For example, if it is a question of a post in a blog, there will be extracted an image and the summary (if it is that it has it); if it is a video, it will be possible reproduce directly from there.

This is very useful because for searching a determinate information it’s not only divided by topics but also depending on the date and country you are looking for it gives a more precise result of what you are looking for.

This tool it’s very useful for articles or journal reviews discovery, once you have selected a topic; for example, choosing Travel and Tourism, automatically  plenty of articles appeared for being choosed and scoop them, besides, it also suggests directly another useful and interesting articles to share in the social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+…). Apart from a chosen topic, the sidebar let you know about the news that people are sharing in the media and that maybe could be interesting for me, they use to be recent news which are happening around the world at the same moment.

I started using the tool looking for travel information, what a surprise when I found how easy it was to use! I tested it with topics like Travel and Tourism. Automatically it appeared hundreds of articles related to them and all taken from different sources. It was possible to select depending if you were interested in a specific place or guides in case of travelling there. Indeed, hotel and restaurant or food place guides could also be found.

Another advantage to consider is the fact of seeing what your friends are sharing at the same time or suggest them to read an article, by this way information can be more easily shared and reach higher communication levels between users.

If bored of the traditional press or academic journals? I’ll invite you to try this new tool which will make your research much more dynamic.



Turism, a way to discover or destroy reefs?

Without any exception, tourists use to pick up samples to take them back as a souvenir of their amazing trip. The habit of picking up corals it’s not so determinative to completely destroy them but matching with other practices, ones like spill pollutant fluids, “this accelerates the rhythm of the reefs destruction” claims a group of biologist of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. The exploitation without limits, subdue corals to a strong pressure. Reefs are only 2% (32 km more or less) of the coast strip which has a length of 1.580 km of this country, on account of National Development Agency, Investigation and Aquatic Resources (NARA).descarga

 Making a superficial investigation about damaged reefs, it’s possible to find one of the most damaged reefs in the coast of Sri Lanka. In Hikkaduwa 60 km far from Pollhena,it’s a very attractive area for tourists and as a consequence of the abundance of them, locals have increase in size the magnitude of tourism attraction adding ferryboats with the motor in the rail to let visitants get closer to this submarine amazing world, they carry tourists incessantly to the most popular reef of Sri Lanka. The trip  just gets three minutes to get there and even less to return. “They are destroying them, without taking any care” affirms Somadasa de Silva a conservationist and specialized diver who fights to preserve the complex ecosystem.

“Boats circulate with high speeds around reefs and they disturb marine-ecosystem. When it happens regularly, the damage is enormous” regretted de Silva. People without any type of experience not only sail between corals but also spelt fuel and other harmful fluids. Tourists use to have the habit of taking small pieces of corals as a souvenir and decoration, added De Silva. However, the problem does not only last in the southern coast. In the northern peninsula of Jaffna, government had to place some police patrols hikkaduwa-coral-reefto control the visitants who arrive to Naga Deepa, the famous budist temple placed next to a reef, to make sure that they won’t nor pick up nor buy corals. In passed times, locals use to pick up all kind of corals to make business with them, they got great amounts of money in exchange of those heirlooms.

“The problem is that people unknown the value of the corals” emphasized Sumedha Kulatunga owner of a tourism resort of Pollhena.

Reefs have always been considered as the jungles of the ocean of them function, they have a huge biodiversity and are places in which big quantity of fish sort reproduce.

 Since 1950 the 19% of the reefs disappeared and another 20% are in danger to be extinct in the following 20 to 40 years, on account of “Coral Reefs Statute of 2013”. The submarine exploitation, the unstoppable crop and the destructive fishing are the main causes of the reefs death (NARA). It can only be restricted the disrespectful fishing with inadequate nets and sometimes with the use of dynamite in the most close reefs.

The death of corals in Sri Lanka pushed the dispparition of 5.000 years old reefs, especially in the southern-east of the country, the most populated party of the country. On account of professional divers that use to dive in Hikaaduwa, more than a 50% of the corals are in danger “It’s possible to see directly how damaged they are” claims De Silva again.1166054

Apart of its ecological value, reefs protect coasts against tsunami phenomena as it happened in 2004. It worked as a barriere reducing damages.

To prevent this dispparition numerous ONG’s promote campaigns against the bad use of the reefs introducing high fines to all those who are responsible for it.

We all live in the same ecosystem, and we only have one, let’s save it!


Illiteracy in the world

“Illiteracy refers to the inability to read and write” claims UNESCO association. This issue does not seem to affect us because we have always been in an environment where reading and writing are taken for granted. We are surrounded by places like school, college… Therefore, we have never given illiteracy a thought and we have not realized how vast this problem is.According to Timothy Tomas Fortune,an orator, civil rights leader, journalist, writer, editor and publisher,”men may be spoiled by education, even as they are spoiled by illiteracy. Education is the preparation of the mind for future work, hence men should be educated with special reference to the work” .There is a huge number of people all over the world who are victims of illiteracy. Illiteracy is like a wall which prevents us to understand the world around. It is of an extreme importance to pull down this wall so that illiterate people could acquire knowledge and freedom.

“About 800 million people across the world lack the basic reading and writing skills needed to accomplish simple tasks such as reading a medicine label or filling out a job application , costing the global economy more than $1.19 trillion a year, according to a new report, ‘Economic and Social Cost of Illiteracy’ released at the World Literacy Summit at Oxford in association with Pearson. The summit aimed to put in place a sustainable action plan to deal with the problem of illiteracy” Cost of Illiteracy April 16, 2012 | TNN Continue reading

Promoting your company on Internet step by step

Social networks are nowadays essentials for business strategy

Social Marketing

Do you want to start a new business or make it bigger? If you are tired of staying many hours organizing and writing a lot of papers to have over control your business, here I am going to try to explain in a few words how to use the most current method all over the world without costs: Social Networks. Being unfamiliar with them is not an excuse. This is your site! I am going to explain step by step in the easiest way, taking into account some experts ideas; such as Kay Singh, the founder of SmallBusinessEcommerce, a service that offers Professional Websites for £49 , and Stephanie Frasco, a leading social media marketing consultant, who through experience has mastered some of the most powerful social media websites. In 2012 and 2013, both contribute to, where the world’s best thinkers on social media write…

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The  Staatliches Bauhaus  or most commonly known as BAUHAUS was the design architerture, art and craftsmanship school founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar (Germany) at the beginning of the XX. century although originally was stablished in that city it was also moved to Dessau and Berlin. In Gropius words:Arquitectos, escultores, pintores, … debemos regresar al trabajo manual … Establezcamos, por lo tanto, una nueva cofradía de artesanos, libres de esa arrogancia que divide a las clases sociales y que busca erigir una barrera infranqueable entre los artesanos y los artistas” (Architects, sculptors, painters… We should go back to manual work, lets stablish a new brotherhood of craftsmanship, free of arrogance that divides social status and that tries to build a barrier between artists and artisans. Continue reading

Culture & Consumption


“The best marketing, doesn’t feel like makerting” said once the expert Tom Fishburne owner of a marketing campaings company (Marketoonist). Living in a world composed by 198 countries, for sure that will exist more than 198 politics of marketing which in consequence will mean hundreds of different requests. So, the most relevant thing for a successful business will be start by answering to the question; why is so important to study culture for marketing? In Melissa Fannon’s words ,  the most important point is to become familiar with the culture of the country we are planning to establish the market. As it is mentioned before, there are many differences between continents and even in the same ones, the countries which form those continents don’t use the same marketing system or have the same preferences.Lahle Wolfe remarks the importance that customers needs and feelings when we launch a marketing campaing. One symbol can have a totally different meaning in different countries and between two sex (ex; Mc Donald’s, Coca Cola, FUBU…)

“In fact, even when it comes to “men’s” products including sports items and expensive cars, women still spend more than men. According to a study in part conducted by WomenCertified, a women’s consumer advocacy and retail training organization, women spend $4 trillion annually, accounting for 83% of all U.S. Consumer spending – or, an astounding two-thirds of the nation’s gross national product. ” Lahle Wolfe 2006

To make easier the understanding of marketing in different countries it’s totally necessary to know what is culture about, different stereotypes and how does this everything affect in marketing business. Marketing is the perfect tool to sell our good so this does not only concern mechanical finantial information but also consummer psychology. A woman won’t think in the same way as a man and her point of view will be focused on different aspects. For this reason, creating a marketing campaing there are factors that sould be taken seriously and always looking for future reactions in consummers.

“El marketing y las ventas se basan en la psicología para llevar a cabo sus objetivos, pero muchas teorías simplifican mente humana.” Luís García de la Fuente Posted on septiembre 1, 2013

A more recent view is that culture is the “meaning system” that members of any specific group use to inform their lives; to give sense, to show the way, to fulfill with meanings and to give sense of identity. Culture is learned trough socialization, dynamic, lense which determines how we see the world.  Culture has some components:

  •  Norms: rules that designate forms of acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
  •  Conventions : practices tied to the conduct of everyday life in various settings (foods, clothing, home furnishings, entertaining practices, respect within family/business)
  •  Customs/rituals: behaviors that last over time and are passed down in the family setting (gender roles, holidays, ceremonies at birth, death)
  •  Values: enduring beliefs that specific modes of conduct or behaviors are preferred and others are not.

Mentioning differences between countries, “sterotype” term is always use, automatically we link a country with an image which globally tend to explain how this country is and what their needs are. Wlater Lippman use this term for the first time reffering to the image we créate in our mind of a determinate social group.

Marketing relevance of stereotypes. First of all it will position brand image and communication. Stereotype marketing ideologies might focus too much on one group and ignore another equally, or even more important.thCAEBLCM6

For this an research is needed before, understand which values do they have in that country and how to behave not to offend population and to better introduce the product in the market, I will give two example: Arabic countries consider that red color is synonym of bad luck, for this, in all business meetings red color is totally forbidden if a business man would go to a meeting with a red tie it will automatically rejected even if his offer it’s really profitable for Arabic company. The other example is something that happened two years ago, soups enterprise wanted to widespread its business in different countries, for this they launched new products forgetting that the name that they had given didn’t mean the same in all of them, the consequence was that in polish that word was totally offensive and the result was that no one bought that product.

So, now we can see the importance of well knowing a culture before going ahead to launch an aggressive marketing campaign. Experts agree that before launching new businesses a deep investigation and knowleadge search are needed.

“We are similarly different”


Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia it’s nowadays one of the most used tools covering information field and for most of us one of the biggest inventions. Wikipedia is the easiest way to find a definition or more information about a subject. Instead of being looking for information in different WebPages or books it gives us the opportunity to find an objective and complete definition.

“Free knowledge for free minds” uses to be his device.

Jimmy Wales created Wikipedia in 2001, it’s a non lucrative webpage open to everybody and information could be given in different languages (282) which gives the chance to share the content all over the world. The fact of being 24h open it’s also an advantage.

Actually he is very active in internet, not only actualizing his work. He is one more user of networks, facebook, twitter and blogs.

Thanks to this second tool (twitter), where he has a high number of followers, he gives the chance to them not only to known what is he doing in his personal life, also to share information about new apps that are coming soon or those ones that no one knew before about them but that they are very useful. References to WebPages are also given in many cases with publicity content but other with some useful information.

On the one hand, in Facebook we can find a page about him but not his personal account, this last it’s not visual for the users. It’s mostly open for all those fans who want to talk about him and his advances. Many press information are also given.

Another network tool use by him is Flickr where he publishes his personal life photos or events where he took part actively, they might be social events or presentation of new net advances.

On the other hand we have his Blog:, where he posts for the readers, one times to thanks their collaboration (for example; in one of his lasts posts it has been possible to read how he was thanksgiving two young students for their work as Wikipedia information editors, he says that the main thing of having cross law borders to publish it’s a courageous actions that should be take in consideration). This Webpage it’s also use as a platform to show ranking in networks field, which is in which place and their increasing tendency in the last few months. Each post covers different areas, politics, networks for users, new plugging for Firefox…

Taking Mr. Waless idea as an inspiration, many webpage creators have opened and developed a project known as Eclipse which is not the same but it allows free users to create or improve their own free Software or programs. The main page of Wikipedia has also open many pages like Wikiqoutes which is based on popular phrases said by famous people.

It’s practically impossible to compare his work with others work because the fact of being a non lucrative enterprise gives another category, many businessmen when they create their own business the only thing they search it’s their own economic benefit so that’s the main reason why Mr. Wales work cannot be compared. He has grown as a successful businessman thanks to work for the others without expecting a reward.

As a conclusion is possible to say that this man covers not only the area of free information for all the surfers he also represents a new way to share content on a public way crossing ahead all the barriers. Firstly his idea was to make possible for everyone to get knowledge and on the other hand to let users edit the information or add more. It’s true that this information does not always use to be true (in some cases surfers use Wikipedia to invent characters or words that does not exist) or totally exact but it gives a close idea.

His fight against the information restriction it’s openly known, not only for his statements to the North American press, also all over the world. His main purpose it’s to get the free traffic of the information to reach as much readers as it’s possible.

It’s clear that thanks to this tool it has been possible de development in many areas concerning about knowledge, in the case of students is one of the most valuables sources and the most used one. Nevertheless, as I have mentioned before, not all the information are correctly done and that’s a point that should be cheeked.

However, even if some people think that this webpage it’s useless, the biggest percentage of people will agree that it’s one of the best inventions ever.




*WIKIPEDIA: Jimmy Wales